Natasha Richardson

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Natasha Richardson is the penname of Danielle Mathieson Pederson for all her science fiction, space opera, and dystopian novels and stories.

Her love of all things science fiction stems back to watching Star Wars for the first time. Plus, she adores the stories of Anne McCaffrey and Monica Hughes.

She hopes to continue in the great tradition of the fabulous L'Engle A Wrinkle in Time and make her mark on the SF world.

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We are Martian

Almost anything space, dystopian and/or alien invasion and it's probably my jam.


Don't Get Between Me & My Trek

Voyager and some Jean-Luc will always have my back.

My Stories

I am excited to bring these characters and worlds to readers. I love building immersive places and new stories for people to enjoy.

I've got a number of different works on the go, some of which are: alien enslavement generational story, dystopian train world, human pet story and more. Supporting authors by buying their book directly from them is an amazing way to give back to the writers you love. Please consider becoming a patron or buying books directly from me, the author. Thank you!